If your organization can’t use third party cloud services for data hosting, we can provide your company with a self-hostable Literal AI docker image (under commercial license).

To request access you can contact us here -> https://forms.gle/BX3UNBLmTF75KgZVA.

Define your Literal AI Server

Once you are hosting your own Literal AI instance, you can point to the server for data persistence. You will need to use the LITERAL_API_URL environment variable.

Modify the .env file next to your Chainlit application.


Alternatively, inlined:

LITERAL_API_URL="https://cloud.your_literal.com" chainlit run main.py

Activating Data Persistence

Using your own Literal AI instance, you will still need to provide a valid API key to persist the data as described here.

Once activated, your chats and elements will be stored on your own server.

Debug Mode

You can enable the new debug mode by adding -d to your chainlit run command. You will see a debug button below each message taking you to the trace/prompt playground.

Debug example