If your organization can’t use third party cloud services for data hosting, we can provide your company with a self-hostable Literal docker image (under commercial license).

To request access you can contact us here -> https://forms.gle/BX3UNBLmTF75KgZVA.

Define your Literal Server

Once you are hosting your own Literal instance, you can point to the server for data persistence. You will need to use the LITERAL_SERVER environment variable.

Modify the .env file next to your Chainlit application.


Alternatively, inlined:

LITERAL_SERVER="https://cloud.your_literal.com" chainlit run main.py

Activating Data Persistence

Using your own Literal instance, you will still need to provide a valid API key to persist the data as described here.

Once activated, your chats and elements will be stored on your own server.