To make your Chainlit app available on Discord, you will need to create a Discord app and set up the necessary environment variables.

How it Works

The Discord bot will listen to messages mentioning it in channels and direct messages. It will send replies to a dedicated thread or DM depending on the context.


Supported Features

MessageStreamingElementsAudioAsk UserChat HistoryChat ProfilesFeedback

Install the Discord Library

The Discord library is not included in the Chainlit dependencies. You will have to install it manually.

pip install discord

Create a Discord App

To start, navigate to the Discord apps dashboard. Here, you should find a button that says New Application. When you click this button, select the option to create your app from scratch.

Create a Discord App

Set the Environment Variables

Navigate to the Bot tab and click on Reset Token. This will make the token visible. Copy it and set it as an environment variable in your Chainlit app.

Copy the Bot Token


Set Intents

Navigate to the Bot tab and enable the MESSAGE CONTENT INTENT, then click on Save Changes.

Set Intents

Working Locally

If you are working locally, you will have to expose your local Chainlit app to the internet. You can use ngrok for this.

ngrok http 8000

Start the Chainlit App

Since the Chainlit app is not running, the Discord bot will not be able to communicate with it.

For the example, we will use this simple app:
import chainlit as cl

async def on_message(msg: cl.Message):
    # Access the original discord message
    # Access the discord user

    # Access potential attached files
    attached_files = msg.elements

    await cl.Message(content="Hello World").send()

Start the Chainlit app.

Using -h to not open the default Chainlit UI since we are using Discord.

chainlit run -h

Install the Discord Bot to Your Workspace

Navigate to the OAuth2 tab. In the OAuth2 URL Generator, select the bot scope.

Configure Installation

Then, in the Bot Permissions section, select the following permissions.

You can check that you have selected the right permissions by looking at the number of permissions parameter of the URL. It should be 377957238848.

Bot Permissions

Copy the generated URL and paste it in your browser. You will be prompted to add the bot to a server. Select the server you want to add the bot to.

That’s it! You should now be able to interact with your Chainlit app through Discord.

Chat History

Chat history is directly available through discord.

import chainlit as cl
import discord

async def on_message(msg: cl.Message):
    channel: = cl.user_session.get("discord_channel")
    if channel:
        async for x in channel.history(limit=10):

    # Your code here