Chainlit is an open-source Python package that makes it incredibly fast to build and share LLM apps. Integrate the Chainlit API in your existing code to spawn a ChatGPT-like interface in minutes!

Build LLM apps with Chainlit

Key features

  1. Build LLM Apps fast: Integrate seamlessly with an existing code base or start from scratch in minutes

  2. Visualize multi-steps reasoning: Understand the intermediary steps that produced an output at a glance

  3. Iterate on prompts: Deep dive into prompts in the Prompt Playground to understand where things went wrong and iterate

  4. Collaborate with teammates: Invite your teammates, create annotated datasets and run experiments together

  5. Share your app: Publish your LLM app and share it with the world (coming soon)


Chainlit is compatible with all Python programs and libraries. That being said, it comes with a set of integrations with popular libraries and frameworks.